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Monday, April 18, 2011 SHAHRUL HAIRY DOT COM 2 Comments

Hello peeps!

Now aku dapat rasakan "bahang" final exam tak lama lagi. Esok, Isnin for sure ramai student akan study last kopek (last minit lah tu) untuk buat revision pasal topik2 sukar dan yang susah. Aku? Aku tetap bekerja macam biasa, dan pada tarikh aku nak periksa pulak, bacalah. Now focus kat MAT108 lah, sebab horror syal carry mark guwa.

Tak ketinggalan jugak kat OM200. Aku risau tol mark aku leh berubah2. Aku pon pelik. Hope tak de paper yang kantoi. Mintak jauh! =_=

Aku masuk portal rasmi UiTM, and ada pesanan mesra dari Bahagian Peperiksaan, bagus kan UiTM neh? =D

The Examination Affairs Division of UiTM would like to wish all students the very best in the coming final examinations scheduled from April 20 to May 10, 2011. We would also like to remind students to observe the following : 

1) Take good care of your health and practise good time management;
2) Stay focused on studying and revising;
3) Double-check your exam schedule, for the right time and venue;
4) Come at least 30 minutes before examination begins;
5) Bring along with you these important items:  
    Student Matriculation Card
    Statement of Qualification to sit for the examination;
6) Refrain from copying or cheating during the examination. The risk is just too great!;
7) Please be appropriately attired in accordance with the University Dress Code.


Zaemah Sukaimi 
Examination Affairs Division
[original source: UiTM]

My dead date is 26, 28 and 29 April. GOSH! scary ah! Wish i can do the best for my final. Pray for me k? love u all readers! =) see ya!


picture: Raudha blog


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